Rafael, user

For the first time I can communicate with my friends and express my thoughts without help, with total freedom and privacy. It has changed my life.” Rafael is one of our most loyal users, he has cerebral palsy and uses Mouse4all with an Android phone mounted on his wheelchair, and a wobble switch.

Julio, user

We met Julio thanks to Eva and Mila, therapists, who work with him at APAM Day Center (Madrid). Julio attends there because he has Cerebral Palsy. In their own words: “We had not dreamed that persons like Julio could use smartphones or tablets. Mouse4all has opened a little window to the world of its users. It helps them to improve their personal development.”

Carmen, user

Carmen has ALS. She has undergone a tracheotomy and has great motor limitations, so she needed at all costs something that would allow her to continue communicating. She achieved exactly that. From the the first moment, she was able to use a tablet with a suitable finger switch and Mouse4all. The first thing she said to her family was: “I love you.

Daniel, user

Daniel has Cerebral Palsy with severe dystonia. He can only operate in a controlled manner two switches with the chin. That is how he started using Mouse4all and social networks. Julio, his father, says that “since Daniel uses Mouse4all, he communicates quickly and frequently with family and friends, it has been a great joy for everyone.