Carmen, user

Carmen has ALS. She has undergone a tracheotomy and has great motor limitations, so she needed at all costs something that would allow her to continue communicating. She achieved exactly that. From the the first moment, she was able to use a tablet with a suitable finger switch and Mouse4all. The first thing she said to her family was: “I love you.

Carmen suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). She lost her voice due to a tracheotomy. She was looking for a solution that would allow her to continue communicating with her family and friends despite her minimal motor abilities.

According to Marisa, Speech Therapist at ALS Granada and NEURO AFEIC, “Mouse4all is a discovery for communication: easy to transport and easy to use from the moment you install it. The different menus open great possibilities of use and can be adapted to the patients requirements even if their mobility is minimal. This makes them the main actor of their communication and leisure.

Carmen has her upper limbs almost paralyzed. She can only move the middle finger of her left hand. Placing a small and very sensitive switch at her finger, we achieved that she could use her tablet with Mouse4all. The first words she wrote to her family were: “I love you.