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€200k for Europe's brightest ideas

  2018 Nov 15

An initiative of the European Commission, the European Social Innovation Competition recognises the most innovative ideas addressing social issues on a specific theme each year.

Source: Pioneers Post

This year's Impact Prize awarded to Mouse4all (Spain)

  2018 Nov 09

The Impact Prize is an extra €50,000 awarded to the semi-finalist from the previous edition of the competition who has achieved the greatest impact in the past year. The 2017 edition of the competition: Equality Rebooted…

Source: EUSIC

Winners of the European Social Innovation competition announced

  2018 Nov 09

This year’s winners were announced last night at an awards ceremony at the Albert Hall in Brussels. The competition, initiated by the European Commission, awards outstanding projects that develop and showcase social innovations and entrepreneurial ideas across Europe.

Source: European Commission

World Summit Award Global Congress

  2018 Mar 29

Über 700 Social Entrepreneurs aus 120 Ländern trafen sich in Wien und machten das Rathaus zum global Hub für Start-ups und Content Entwickler unter dem Thema ‘Social Impact through Digital Innovation’.

Source: ComputerWelt

For helping people with disabilities Mouse4all wins G5 Innova best startup award

  2018 Mar 28

Mouse4all takes home the G5 Innova grand prize for its technology for social good, which allows people with disabilities to access touchscreens without having to physically touch the screen.

Source: Novobrief

Soziale Digital-Erfindungen aus aller Welt in Wien prämiert

  2018 Mar 26

Im Rahmen des WSA Global Congress 2018 in Wien wurden neun Global Champions gekürt, die soziale Verbesserungen durch digitale Innovationen beabsichtigen.

Source: Futurezone

World Summit Award: Gegen Krebs-Angst, Bienensterben und Kindbetttod

  2018 Mar 26

Über 700 Social Entrepreneurs aus 120 Ländern trafen sich in Wien zu den World Summit Awards (WSA) und machten das Rathaus zum global Hub für Start-ups und Content Entwickler unter dem Thema Social Impact through Digital Innovation.

Source: Leadersnet

World Summit Awards: Diese neun internationalen Social Startups wurden in Wien ausgezeichnet

  2018 Mar 26

700 Social Entrepreneurs aus 120 Ländern: Bei den World Summit Awards, sind vergangene Woche zusammen gekommen, um ihre Ideen und Konzepte mit an der Schnittstelle zwischen sozialem Mehrwert, nachhaltiger Impact und digitale Innovation zu präsentieren.

Source: Trending Topics

Touch Screen without Barriers: Mouse4all Innovation to Make Technology Accessible

  2017 Oct 18

The digital revolution is here but unfortunately not for everyone. The world is becoming mobile; however, we have left behind millions of people who cannot use a touch screen…

Source: Social Innovations Journal

10 solutions to work, live and thrive in a rapidly-changing economy

  2017 Sep 25

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us.  Globally, societies are transforming rapidly due to technological change. Trends such as digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence are changing the way we live, reshaping the labour market and altering the structure of the economy in fundamental ways.

Source: Equality Rebooted