Mouse4all for Android


  • Easy to install and configure: plug and play.
  • Augmented pointer to easily identify the position of the pointer on the screen.
  • Modes of operation: switch control (point scanning), trackball or joystick control, dwell click.
  • Multiple settings: icons sweep speed, pointer speed, wait times, size and color of the visual elements…


Mouse4all for Android includes a connection box (48 x 47 x 16 mm), quick-start guide, menus & icons guide, and connection cable.

  • Two standard 3.5 mm connectors to plug in one or two switches.
  • One USB Type A connector to plug in an adapted mouse, trackball or joystick. Requires a USB HID input device with mouse emulation.
  • Mouse4all requires a tablet or smartphone with Android 4.4 or higher (not included).
  • Free app downloadable from Google Play.

Information brochure

Downloadable information in PDF format, to print or view on screen.

Our distributors

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We also have distribution agreements in Canada and the United States.

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