Mouse4all in the Assistive Technology Event 'Low Cost Albacete'

Image: Low Cost Albacete

2019 Jul 16

Last week we participated in a special event, Low Cost Albacete, organised in the city of Albacete in the core of La Mancha (homeland of Don Quixote) by Ceapat Imserso. It is a reunion of persons with disabilities, families, children, therapists, engineers and any person interested in sharing and learning about technology applied to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Link to the event homepage (in Spanish).

The talks and workshops covered, among many others, topics as diverse as music therapy (MUSIADAPTA-Centro de Estimulación y Musicoterapia), adapted bicycles (APADIS Villena), accessibility on Android (Ease Apps), 3D Printing, voice control, dysphagia or accessible children’s parks.

We at Mouse4all presented the project “Domótica Fácil” (Easy Home Automation) that we have developed together with #CentroDato in Madrid with the support of Fundación Vodafone España. Using an app with a board of cells, people with and without disabilities can turn on and off smart plugs and manage any device that is controlled with a remote control (contact us if you want more information).

There were also exhibitions and performances videos such as the presentation of the project “Cuentecito” (directed by Marta Ferreras. Galería artística.)

In parallel to the meeting, the competition “Assistive Technology and low cost solutions” was also organised by ESAAC (Spain), CEDETI Centro de Desarrollo de Tecnologías de Inclusión (Chile), Unitec (Argentina) and TEIAS - Tecnologia em Educação para Inclusão e Aprendizagem em Sociedade (Brazil). This year’s winning project has been a dice mixer controlled by a switch. It has been created by Argentinian engineer Antonio Sacco.

We recommend that you take a look at all the projects, with plenty of low cost solutions and assistive devices for all kind of disabilities, because we are sure that you will find one that can be useful to you.

A big thank you to all the people and institutions who have helped in the organization of this year’s meeting. Our special mention goes to Mari Carmen and José Carlos, the real heart, brain, arms and legs of the event.